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Daniel Burwen (aka dabu) is an award winning Creative Director + thought leader on interactive narrative and emerging media.

Throughout his 15 + year career, he has worn many hats including 3D artist for AAA games (EA, Activision), Adjunct Faculty at various art colleges (CCA, Ai), UX designer for digital products (Autodesk Shotgun), Creative Director for immersive media (Sony, Westfield), VR/AR Strategist (Jaunt, Here be Dragons) and Consultant for major media companies (Lucasfilm, Disney).

Daniel is a well traveled public speaker and has presented his work at international venues including SXSW, Comicon, IDFA, AFI, Big(D)esign, The Hague, WebDox, and Princeton University.

He splits his time between San Francisco + Los Angeles, freelancing as a Creative Director + Strategic Consultant.